I always imagined love being something more than lying down on your own back, however you get down, and more than simple words, though words are all I have. Love Lies… if anything I’m just looking for someone to lie with.

Love lies… Waiting
Fear, doubt, and disbelief
This is no dream
As I see you my queen
You’re mine
Heart, body, and mind
Is it time?

Love lies… amazing
How I watch, gazing
Somebody’s baby
But tonight
To be bathed in your light
The sight
Of you
Can it be true?
Oh what do I do?

Love lies… here
Why do I fear?
Knowing you’re real
For the moment
If I could freeze it and own it
Does it show… a bit?
You won’t see
It can’t be
Though I wish we

Could just lie
Being that guy
Making you laugh
Just to have
Maybe even the last
Yet I don’t know
I’d say, “Please don’t”

Falling in love
Imagine because
I love us
Asking why
Love Lies…

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

Liked it
  • avissado on Aug 21, 2012

    love lies…interesting the way you’ve used the term lies.

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