The tails I tell my grand children about my dear juliet…

With her sweat voice she called me Romeo

    And I called her my bright night shinning glow

     She kept me smiley with the things we used to do together

   Her warm kisses made me make love to her under the rainy weather

     Holding her breasts as they caressed my hands

    I used to lay her down as I drew an image of her on the wet sands

    She sang to me sweat melodies that felt like heaven to my ears

     So beautiful a song she sang to wipe away all my tears

  Her lips on my lips sent streams of chills around my inner body area

The only bad of my Juliet was that she gave me incurable hysteria

 Even within my soul she had created a soul tie

 As I dreamt, her soul lifted me so high

So high that I could touch the sky

Even when death put us apart

  She defied its barrier and came to speak to me in my dreams

 Even in the skies of the brightest nights, our love still beams

Juliet, Juliet, her name I scream every night as I speak to my self

As she speaks back to me, but I guess this is all in my mind, the Juliet I loved is long dead and gone

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