Love Poem.

miss someone,,,
not that need it back within your life,,,
Longing is the process of progress,,,

Of good things,,,
I learned to give thanks,,,
Of bad things,,,,
I learned to be strong,,,

Do not be afraid to try,,,
error is the best teacher if you are honest,,,
willing to admit and learn from it.,,,

Do not ever think you’re not good enough,,,
because for one,,,
You are the best,,,

In love,,,
if you seek it,,,
he will avoid you,,,
but if ye be men who deserve be loved,,,
He will surround you,,,

In life,,,
prepare yourself as possible,,,
and do not wait for opportunity to come,,,
better you created it,,,

Time passed,,,
learn from the past,,,
be prepared for the future,,,
give my best for today,,,

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