Love Poem.

Challenge: to write a one line love poem (Photo credit: Михал Орела)

Now all the different,,,
No more smiles at the corner of my mouth,,,
No more laughter in my day,,,
No more light in my eyes,,,
All gone, all gone,,,
Stars who always greets me,,,
Moon smiled at me,,,
Now if away,,,
Leave me in the dark night,,,
Drowning in loneliness,,,
Since the departure of your,,,
Sometimes I think,,,
when I’m smiling because you,,,
When I sleep in your embrace,,,
All are still embedded in my memory,,,
Sometimes there is a sense of regret,,,
Because I never make you happy,,,
I always selfish,,,
I never cared,,,
When you are injured because of my attitude,,,
I wanted to meet you,,,
Treating my homesickness,,,
But I can not,,,
Since we have been apart of the world,,,
I can only hope,,,
You’ve come in a dream,,,

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