One of the ABC’s of growing up as the song goes and maybe that’s why I’m still such a little boy, so I’m hoping to change that. Loving Aloft… since there is no way I’m getting into Heaven, a night, a life spent in paradise, to know what it’s like, to fly.

Aloft… the beauty in your eyes
As they find mine
My first time
Shyness showing
A man is growing
Is it love?

Soft… feeling of you
Touch so new
Do I know what to do?
Heart says yes
Head I guess
The defense rest
When you and me
Aren’t dreams

Across… you lie
Here comes the sun
Am I the only one?
Have I won?
This game
Or will there be pain
Will I be to blame?

Let lips do and hands too
Our hearts these two
Lead us through
I wish you knew
Well even I don’t know
Other than I’m alone
Fearing you’ll say no
Praying I’m not lost
One heart to toss

What is love’s cost?
To fly, to be aloft

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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