Humorous poem about being unable to fall asleep.

I am grumpy.

My pillow is lumpy.

It has no shape at all.

I am sleepless.

I am sheepless.

I’m ready to hit the wall.

I can’t seem to fall asleep.

My pillow does not support my head.

If I don’t start entering slumberland,

I think I’ll spray paint my bed.

Liked it
  • girishpuri on May 21, 2012

    lol change yr pillow

  • momofplenty on May 22, 2012

    Very nice!

  • PeterFlom on May 22, 2012

    Insomnia stinks

  • 8Shei8 on May 22, 2012

    I agree with Girishpuri. Get yourself a new, fluffy, I will istantly fall asleep pillow :)

  • Safa on May 22, 2012

    This is what I have to go through every single nigh. Its really frustrating when I can’t sleep. I have to stay up alone :(

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