Here is another article-based poem. My friend Humza paid tribute to his mother in a star-paged article "A Salutation to My Mother". With his approval, the article has now been made into a poem as a tribute to all Mothers in the world.

As someone contributing to writing online, occasionally I seek out articles which touches my heart and I pen poems with the articles. This is only a beginning journey for me, but it is turning out to be a most enjoyable endeavor.

By reading other authors’ articles and finding inspiration to make a poem or two, my aim is to extend out my friendship to fellow authors. I see it as a win-win endeavor as I link my poems to the original source and the authors’ home page to promote their powerful messages to readers.

Past articles that I have changed to poems include:

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In this article, I paid tribute to Mothers in general, based on Humza’s moving salutation to his mother “A Salutation to My Mother“. It would definitely be worth your time to read his article. Maa, which is one form of how we call our mothers. Here’s my take at it:



Maa, you are God’s magnificent creation

To show love in this world as motor needs lubrication

So for all people living near and far

God gave them a gift called “Maa”!


No words can explain what a Maa will do

For 70 to 80 years to see her child through

No rays of light from the sun can compete

Maa’s love of us makes our life complete


Flowers may add colour or fragrance to our lives

They will wither, but Maa’s love never dies

A rainbow of love lies deep in her heart

Words cannot fully describe, where really should I start?


Seas and oceans are vast bodies on Earth

Yet they cannot measure to my Maa’s depth of love

Yet “Maa” is such a simple word to say

Blessed am I for Maa’s love everyday.


Maa I salute you for all you have done

You labored and toiled while I had all the fun

And now I thank you because I have grown

I wrote this to make my love for you known


Maa, I love you.  


If you would allow me to do a poem based on an article you wrote that means alot to you, do put a comment so we can get in touch. Thank you.

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