Life and adversity.

Madness never hides!
this is crazy!
really strange, the power of poverty and lies!
and how we swallow them like their
wholesome for consumption!
the newspapers, twin sponsors of truth and lie,
vomiting words and situation
very soon the target’s clothes will stink
of rotten bile and regurgitated food,
even the truth is justified with a frame of fibs,
sugar-coated novels that are kinetic in
spinning the world round
in a new revolution
all because the addition of a salty phrase
or seasoned paragraph will give them
the ability to feed their children three square meals a day
how the love of money,
and lies can change the world!

the lack of dimes, turn men into wolves,
their hunger feeds them with a gun,
then they march straight into a grocery shop,
while work lies on the street like an unpicked tool
in the aisle of mental option,
they marched straight into stores,
with the chili anger of hunger,
reddened eyes, resistant to the labourers’
cries of mercy,
a poor man goes to visit a fetish priest
so satan can give him money,
ON THE CONDITION that one of his legs will
get rotten, and the poor man agrees,
he gets the money
and realizes, he’ll die in five years time,
then he regrets ever being rich

Madness and more madness in the history of humans!
My! and we put chimpanzees in cages!
just little words uttered, have destroyed families,
caused wars and depleted the country of peace,
my! when is this madness going to stop?
only WE can answer that question
By Kakraba Afful

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