Many would like a poem to wish somebody a happy birthday with, or sing a birthday poem to someone having a birthday. Here is how.

My website has a free mp3 download melody called Good Birthday Wishes. Now one way to sing this song would be to sing “Good birthday wishes” four times, then sing the persons name. However, I invite people to make their own poems to sing to this tune. You could email the poem you have made to the person you want to wish a happy birthday, along with the free mp3 (Good Birthday Wishes). You could also ask the birthday person to phone you and then sing your poem over the telephone. If you like, record a happy birthday song, using my Good Birthday Wishes mp3 tune as a backing track. You could use the mp3 tune as a backing track at parties to sing your poem to as it is easy to download (it is a small mp3 file). I have already invited a number of restaurants to use this mp3 for parties at their restaurants when they need a birthday song, and I hereby do so again.

Anyway, I will make a poem that has timing suitable for Good Birthday Wishes – here goes:

Lovely Amanda

Sweet young Amanda

Have a good birthday

We all do love ya


I hope you have a good time making up poems to sing for people’s birthdays. All are welcome to use the tune.

Have a good birthday.



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