How blessed I am to have you in my life.

Mama, yes! The world change

But you’re still the same

Mama I awe you who I am

Since God given me the chance to live

You allow me to breathe

I depend on your heart beat

You share me the same food you eat

How can I understand complicated things

With out you teaching me first of everything?

How to……talk, walk, write, read, count, eat,

brush my teeth, take a bath, wear clothes, cook,

laundry, and most important how to…..

love, care, trust, and have faith

Mama you’re a best friend…

Knows to connect in my trend

Listen to my unending stories to tell

Understand my life principles in trail

Mama you’re my avid fan

For you I’m a great comedian-

You laugh at my jokes

For you I’m a great artist-

You appreciate my art works

For you I’m a great writer-

You can read my writings in different strokes


Yes! there are so many

But Mama you’re the only one

Resident in my heart and mind

Mama I can still remember

Whenever you whisper not to worry my dear,

Mama is here

While you wipe away my tears

Mama the person I will instantly call when I’m happy,

when I’m silly, when I’m in pain,

My years of living will never be complete 

With out you adding life on it?

Saying  I love you is not enough

to express how you touch my life.

unless I show it through actions

My accomplishments a proof of direction

Definitely an assurance that life you give

will never be wasted as I live

H A P P Y      M O T H E R’ S     D A Y    T O  A L L  mommy, mama, inay, nanay!!!!!

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  • PHILLY DREAMER on Jan 11, 2012

    I’m sure this is exactly what a baby would say before it can talk.

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