A funny short story.

In Billy’s Back Yard

Billy: I have a great idea!

Mark: what is it?

Billy: we should build a tree fort

Mark: out of what?

Billy: oh I don’t know, maybe the thing called wood!

Mark: oh yeah, that could work

Billy: let’s go to the hardware store and get some wood

At the Hardware Store

Billy: what floor is the wood on?

Store Manager: floor number 5

Mark: can we take the elevator?

Billy: fine

On the Elevator

Mark: I love elevators

Billy: how many times do I have to say it?

Mark: say what?

Billy: I DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark: well, I guess someone is in a bad mood

Billy: no, you just give me headaches, HEADACHES!!!!!!

Mark: shut up, we are going to be on the 6th floor any second

Billy: 5th floor

Mark: 6th

Billy: 6th

Mark: 5th

Billy: ha, I got you

Mark: no you didn’t

Billy: yes

Mark: no

Billy: yes

Mark: no

Billy: no

Mark: yes

Billy: I just got you again, you are such an idiot

Mark: so?

Billy: kidding

Mark: thanks

Billy: but you are a moron

Mark: I am not a MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy: yeah you are

Mark: the only moron here is you Billy, now shut your trap we are here

Billy: (sarcastically) yes, your majesty, sheesh you’re so bossy

On the Fifth Floor

Billy: we would like to buy 32 pieces of wood please.

Mark: who says please anymore?

Billy: shut up

Cashier: hello, cash or credit

Billy: we are only 13…..

Mark: we don’t have credit cards

Cashier: ok, cash or money

Billy: hey Mark, do you have the other half of the dough?

Mark: yeah it is in my pocket

Cashier: we don’t accept dough here

Billy: not cookie dough, money

Cashier: I knew that, I was just testing how smart you are

Mark: (whispering) or how stupid you are

Cashier: that will be $123.45

Billy: ok

Mark: let’s go to your house to build it

Billy: ok but why my house/

Mark: my mom is still mad that I blew mine up

Billy: how did you blow it up?

Mark: with a bomb

Billy: what! You set off a bomb in a tree house?

Mark: I thought that it was a contained blast

Billy: whatever let’s get started

In Billy’s Backyard

Billy: so we have everything, let’s build it

After 6 Hours of Broken Bones, Headaches, and Bleeding, They Finally Finish

Billy: well, it looks horrible, but we finished

Mark: now all we have to do is put all of our stuff in it

After Another 6 Hours of….Oh, well you get my point

Billy: we are finally done with the whole thing!

Mark: well it only took us 12 hours and two huge captions

Billy: hey what’s that on the floor

Billy: It looks like a huge marble from your collection

Mark: no it is just one of my bombs

Billy: get out of here

Mark: no, I just set it off to celebrate a job well done

Billy: what did I just say? Don’t bring bombs into the tree house


Billy: you destroyed the tree house and half of my house

Mark: looks like we are going to need some wood




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