This is the feeling that all men in the world feel for their wives. :D .

Please rise early in the morning and lie beside me while I sleep

Replace the pillow which had been cold because of the night that passed

Move your face closer to mine as I sleep

And let me feel your warm voice and the rhythm of your heart

Share with me the blanket in which you are

Let your body embrace me cover me crawl over me

Make me my breakfast with your heart with your hands
And let me fall in love again

Do the house while I am out while I try to win our living

Meet me at the door when dusk comes and kiss me deep

Feed your pleasure with the books that I will give

Read them while the coffee you made we sip

Be my better half and share with me my joys and pains

The joy of our hearts that overflow and the pain we must pay for living

Embrace the morning with me and kiss the nights goodbye

For I am the man to whom you said “I DO.”

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