Poem/Rap, whatever you wanna call it.

Try to move on but this love was like a curse

and now I’mma spill my heart out in this one verse

love put a chain over my heart that I cant prevent

and no matter what i’ll just try to vent

when I see you I become a new identity

and maybe one day you’ll be more then a friend of me

emotions they flow through like the daily news

no more gloom because all I see is you

and I’m not sure if you feel the same way but I’ll call regardless

they say your name and I’ll just say “marvelous”

speaking under my breath, your just perfect

whoops, I hope no one heard that

and maybe we move in different directions

who knew you’d be the main source of my affection?

I didn’t know we have the same class,

who would of knew that friendship would have last

I wanted to become more, but who I am to start the cures

don’t mess with destiny if it isn’t meant to be yours

but this makes me feel like I’m in insanity

I followed my heart

it led me to you

admit theres been a few

why look back at what i’ve been through

I feel like I grew closer to you

too many feelings hiding inside

wondering if you like another guy

can’t fret I just gotta close it out

but I can’t get over you, why I’ll never know

but when i see your name I gotta pick up that phone’

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