Therapeutic needles.

Spruce – an evergreen tree. In the Russian forests is one of the most ancient. According to scientists it is a tree growing here since the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic Era. Spruce needles has truly miraculous healing properties. Not been invented yet these pills, which in the short term could produce on the human body is so powerful and complete healing influence, which has no side effects. It is this “tablet” and is eating the needles.

It has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, analgesic, choleretic, antiscorbutic and diuretic effects. It was during a spruce needles contain a majority of amino acids, including essential, minerals, and salts of cobalt, manganese, iron, copper and chromium. Carotene, the needles of 140:320 mg / kg, vitamin E – 350:360 mg / kg, C – 300 mg / kg in winter and 250 mg / kg in summer. If you keep the needles at temperatures below 5 ° C, then all these substances remain unchanged for the duration of storage.

Needles can procure for the future, and to do it better in the winter (vitamin C more). It is dried and stored in tightly closed banks in a dark, dry place. One kilogram of dry spruce needles contained the following substances (the number of shows across the dividing line blank in the summer / winter harvesting): vitamin P – 900:2300 mg / mg 2180:3810, K – 12 / 20 mg, RR – 142 / 29 mg, N – 0, 06 / 0, 15 mg, B1 – 8 / 19 mg, B2 – 7 / 5 mg, B3 – 16 / 28 mg
B6 – 1 1 / 2 mg, as well as minerals and trace elements.

Fir is widely used in herbal medicine. It contains essential oils, natural supplements (BAS), biologically-active substances (BAS) and volatile compounds with widely expressed antimicrobial and antibacterial activity especially against Staphylococcus aureus (causative agent of most of the broncho-pulmonary diseases). If your family and friends often get cold or have a prolonged cough, put at least on New Year’s Eve at his home <live> tree. Among other things, the fresh smell of pine needles will eliminate all possible household nervous and over-long lift your spirits.
The use of spruce for medicinal purposes

For therapeutic purposes, using the tops of young branches with buds, resin, rosin, immature seed “female” cones, needles, and Turpentine. Acquisition time is different. Young tops of the branches are collected after wintering in May, and immature buds and resin in June – September.

How to distinguish between “male” (with pollen), fir cones from the “female” (seed)? After collecting for use for medicinal purposes should just immature “female”. In the spring of spruce branches to appear as “feminine” and “male” bumps. Usually, this time to the period of flowering cherry. “Female” bumps are extremely beautiful and very visible on the tree: they are bright red in color, the size of a thimble. The usual location of these shishechek at the ends of the branches in the upper crown spruce. They “look” up. Adult “female” fir-cone is large and brown.

“Men’s” bumps even smaller female. They are painted in red or greenish-yellow. They mature pollen – a fine powder of yellow color. For therapeutic purposes, they are not suitable. Pollinated “female” cones ripen in the first year. But the bumps are disclosed in late winter, and therefore they must be collected closer to autumn, immature and unsolved.
Folk methods of treatment and prescriptions

Pine bath. They are used to relieve extreme fatigue, nervous excitement, improve blood supply of internal organs, reduce inflammation of a different nature, as well as the removal of pain syndromes in menopause, stomach ulcers, pain in the joints. For the preparation of a bath two handfuls of pine needles filled one liter of boiling water and cook for 10 minutes, the broth is filtered and poured into the prepared bath. Take a bath during the 12:15-minute. The water temperature 37:38 degrees Celsius. Full course of treatment-Th 15:20 procedures. After the bath you should take a shower.

Infusion of spruce cones. It is used for diseases of angina, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, rhinitis and chronic tonsillitis. Immature “female” spruce cones are crushed, filled with boiling water and boil for 30 minutes with constant stirring. After removing the mixture from the heat infused for 15 minutes, then filtered through a three-layered cheesecloth. The result is a brown liquid with an astringent taste and smell of pine needles. It is used for rinsing the mouth and inhaled. When carrying out procedures inhalation nature of use not less than 20 milliliters of this mixture was pre-heated to 60 degrees Celsius. Inhalation time of 10 minutes.

IgolkiHvoyny tea. Extremely useful for vitamin deficiency, frequent colds, lingering coughs and as a natural remedy for maintaining normal metabolism in humans. This is an excellent expectorant, choleretic, diuretic and diaphoretic. Tablespoon pine rinse with boiled water, pour a glass of boiling water and simmer another 20 minutes. Tea filter through a three-layer gauze to cool and drink throughout the day. You can add sugar, honey and even better.

A decoction of spruce buds. It is used to improve the processes of hematopoiesis, with joint and muscle pain, with long-standing bronchitis, for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. Prepared and applied in exactly the same as the pine tea.

Infusion of spruce buds on the alcohol. Applied in inflammatory diseases of the upper airway in the form of external rubbing and warming packs. This infusion pharmacies is quite rare, as is in high demand among a certain part of our population. Its easy to cook at home. For this to be placed in a dark glass jar 250 grams of young spruce buds and fill them half a liter of 40:45-degree vodka. Jar tightly and place in a dark, dry place. Ten days later the infusion is ready for use. In a dark place such an infusion may be stored up to a year or more without loss of therapeutic properties.

Vitamin infusion of spruce needles. It is used as a tonic and antiscorbutic. One-tenth of a glass of spruce needles with a small amount of cold boiled water to pound in a mortar with pestle. This pounded needles pour a glass of boiled water, add lemon juice or citric acid (slightly acidified) and boil for 20:30 minutes. Value of needles and water should always be 1:10. After boiling, brew for 3 hours, then strain. Take 1 / 3 of the cup twice a day after meals.

Decoction of spruce in milk. Is used to treat scurvy, intermittent ache of the body, skin rashes and inflammation of the respiratory system. Take the 30-Tb grams of young shoots of spruce or immature neraskryvshihsya <Female> spruce cones. Their finely ground and pour a liter of milk. Milk, bring to a boil and boil the mixture on low heat for 10 minutes. The broth is filtered, divided into three equal parts and drink them in one day: morning, afternoon and evening.

Spruce phytotherapy. You love to walk in bath? So take with them not only birch and pine broom. Well, “steamed” pine broom is not pricked, but in the process of its use in the steam room almost all the active points on the human body are severely stimulated. In addition, the air in the steam room, and in most bath filled with the smell of pine needles and has a powerful therapeutic and preventive treatment.

To achieve the home phytotherapeutic effect and treatment of lung disease at any time of year using a mixture of spruce resin and yellow beeswax. They melted in a water bath and thoroughly mixed in a 1:1 ratio. Then, during cooling, formed from the resulting mixture of pellets, the size of a large pea. Store can be on any shelf in the refrigerator. To use the ball melted on a hot skillet (in a campaign against red-hot embers from a fire), it’s easy to smoke, they breathe in the treatment of bronchitis, in addition, it is well disinfect the premises, which melted the bead.

Spruce fir igolkiMaz. Used for fast healing of ulcers, wounds, abscesses. Taken an equal number of spruce gum, honey, yellow wax and sunflower oil or hemp oil. All components are thoroughly mixed, heated in the fire. In the process ostuzheniya to human body temperature produced a viscous mixture. This is the fir ointment. She applied to the affected places.

Besides eating for therapeutic purposes with great success using trees and other conifers: pine, fir, cedar, Thuja. The needles of the trees are widely used in pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products in Russia. For example, pine buds can be purchased at any drugstore or pharmacy.

There is a wide variety of conifers are selling balms and concentrates for the reception of bathrooms procedures or inhalation. From pine oil are produced a lot of drugs for the treatment of acute and chronic nasal and nose. Of pine resin (resin) obtained by distillation is widely known and respected among the people the drug turpentine. Russia has developed many series Zhivitsa creams for the treatment of various inflammations of the skin: fungal infections, acne, boils, child diathesis, and burns.

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