Hi all fans out there following my poetry here is short little poem I started last friday and finished today. This poem is generally about what it’s like meeting new people and how I myself feel when it comes too meeting new people I’ve never met whether you feel its just friendship or fate lust or love you feel! Hope you all enjoy reading! Any feedback or comments would be appreciated alot! =] Happy Reading peeps!

Meeting someone new, trying

not to stick too them like glue!

Sitting in my seat beside someone new,

exchanging glances as well as stances,

feeling stuck, struck in hypnotic trances!

Trying not to look at each other too much, not

wanting to stick to one another like glue as few

people like it. Getting home lying in bed as

I gaze into empty space lost in a dreamy like

daze, seeing her face in an exotic place, a

feeling that felt better than any drug like haze!

Passing through phases and stages of wanting

too see each other, just going with the flow till

we know one another. I believe if you want to

be with someone you need to show that you

care for them, share a interest in what they

like to do, never deceive go by your own

beliefs as this could save you from deceit

and slain pain by others, it could be your

one relief!

Liked it
  • momofplenty on Jul 26, 2012

    I can relate… well written, i like it!

  • Chris Bailie on Jul 27, 2012

    Thank you for sharing.

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