The world is so messed anything you try to do is wrong you got people killing people over nothing you lucky if you make it to another day.

Everyday I live life

Knowing I can be gone in a blink of an eye

People hate on me but I could care less

I’m only here chasing for my success

Always on my grind

Got so much on my mind

I pick and choose

And choose to write something people can view

Got haters that hate

But not going to waste my time to debate

Because all they gonna do is retaliate

I just don’t understand what is so wrong

Writing something that has meaning and put into a song

Not going to go coo coo like king kong

Just keep doing my thing and reach for the throng

Always hear this and that

But they just a hater and that’s fact

All you haters can duck off

Cause I could careless about yall

People are so cruel

They don’t give a hoot about you

We live in a messed up world

You even got people killing over a girl

Swear people killing people over dumb reasons

Its feels like everyday is a killing season

But I just keep on living my life

Cause I’m not gonna wait here and die

This world maybe cold

But I’m going to keep doing what I do

I ask myself what is life

I don’t even know anymore

What is life

Full of lies

All you see is people kill from left to right

Swear sometimes you figure how you can even sleep at night

You always have to have on a night light

So you don’t get scared in sight

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  • GigaHD on Jan 3, 2013

    Real shit

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