Tips and tricks.

Four fingers. Thumb and index fingers of both hands just to stroke a member of up and down. Feeling much stronger because you touch a member of only fingertips. The main thing is not compression, but a movement!

Juicer. Pull the skin as far as possible, and your fingertips free hand stroking his well-oiled groove between the head and trunk member. Move your finger from left to right or up and down (or combine these movements), changing the press.

Accordion. Hold one hand on the top member and the other – for the bottom. Now the first hand goes down, and the second – up, with a hand going up, must come on a little arm that goes down. Repeat this movement. This method requires some practice.

Prayer. Squeeze firmly palms as in prayer, holding between them a member, and move them up and down, as usual. It creates an unusual feeling as you petting member only laterally.

Heating. This method is similar to the “Prayer”, but his hands move in opposite directions, as if you rubbed his hands, trying to keep warm. Note: palms are parallel to the member.

Bend. Find the very thick Lubrication (good baby oil). Lubricate them head at the junction with the trunk. Now, slowly begins to rub a greased area stretched skin area between the widely moved apart your thumb and forefinger, moving up and down on the “ledge” head. Use only this area of ​​the skin – do not pinch the head member of the other fingers, otherwise the effect will be quite different. The slower the movement, the better the result.

Foot to foot. Properly lubricate the penis and a little inside of the leg, just below the ankle. Sit on a flat surface and pull up to his feet pushed together. Allow eggs to one side, and the term should fall into the space between the heels and ankles feet. Rest hands on the bed or the floor in front of him and masturbate, moving up and down. Feelings will change if you slightly move apart feet, or change the density of the pressing member legs. Additional effect is the mixing and dilution of the knees.

Saliva on the wrist. spit on the wrist and rubs them the crown member and the other hand, meanwhile stroking the barrel.

Pressure on the umbilicus. Masturbating with one hand and fingers of the other hand a good push down below the navel (but not so much that was unpleasant), and not weakening the pressure, move to the base of the penis. Repeat this movement during orgasm – do not stop when approaching ejaculation. This leads to an incredible feeling during orgasm.

Spokes in the wheel. Grasp the base member with one hand and spread fingers start to drive the other hand on top of the head. Head hits the pins, stick-on bicycle spokes. Lubrication is not necessary!

Spring Cleaning With one hand pull the skin member as low as possible to keep it moving. Well lubricate the other arm and unscrew “the head, as if opening a stuck bottle cap.

On the one hand try to stimulate only member of the bridle. You will be very much want to stroke the penis and the other side. As soon feel the approach of orgasm, move together fist. Pleasure can be so intense that orgasm comes instantaneously.

Take a member of the rotation of the arms on both sides and quickly roll between your palms, like washing your hands. Lubrication is not needed.

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  • vietnam on May 15, 2011

    i thought all kids
    boys and gays
    start off naturally
    and continue to apply
    like banana condom,
    hole in an apple
    and pumpkin
    aim is to ejaculate the sperms,
    as one simultaneously orgasms
    happy masturbation boys

    great and good share though

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