I love you with all my heart
You make me the happiest 
I wanted to be with you from the start
In my mind mind I know I’m a hindrance 

I am exacting a cruel punishment, 
Keeping a wanting heart at want
It’s not fair-wisdom with a sad countenance
I feel as though our love is simply just a taunt

Never will there be physical contact
You and I both know that, that is true
You with your amazing qualities don’t deserve that
As much as it pains me we may have to be through

Yes, I still want to be your best friend 
 I don’t know how to just be that to you
So I’m still having intense feelings of love at the end
Since they can’t be rightly expressed, I feel like a fool

Don’t mistake this as giving up
Don’t mistake this as surety 
You know that of you I can’t get enough
I’m only writing what I do think verbally

‘If you love something set it free’
I’m not sure if that applies to me
I love you for all time and eternity
                   Signed yours sincerely, 
                           Martin McCollugh II 

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