Money and mind control the thinking one’s poem.

I feel like I can control my own destiny

In my mind is were all of life’s blessings be

World testing me, the world clocking me

But I’m convinced

There just is no stopping me!

I’m hungry!  I’m thirsty! I’m invincible!

How can any Hurt me!

Determined, to reach all of my goals

That’s the only way to eat with the Pros’s

I Look for yes

Don’t agree with the No’s

Money focus continually grows

I’m not greedy but I’m one of kind

One of the few who believes in his mind

Fast pace like there is no time

I want it all every dollar and dime

So I earn, It’s my turn

Intensity plus heat, creates burn

One man much vision

Controlling life

That’s my decision.


Vincent Eggleston Jr.

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