I’m in the midst of ennui when something strike me. Hope you’d like it. This is just for fun.


Dear Answer,

      I would be grateful for your help with my problem. Guess what, Mr. Question had already lingered in my mind. He is really annoying appearing every now and then especially when something unusual is trying to steal my attention. He’s unhaltably perturbing me wherever I am. Please, help me get rid of him. Recently, he visited me while I was reading. He asked me about something I don’t really know. But since you knew everything, I assume you can tell me straight the answer of his question.

      “Didn’t you wonder how people form a language which could be a bit complicated?” Ooops!!! May the creators of grammar forgive me. May they spare me from their wrath. But anyway, I assume you wouldn’t tell anyone about this. I’ve prepared quite a few questions everyone might be laughing about.

q  Why do we lend an ear to those who have it?

q  Why can’t a killer eye not kill?

q  Why can’t I dribble my ballpen?

q  Why don’t our hearts broke when we’re heartbroken?

q  Why don’t I fall down when I fall-in-love?

q  Why do we use tables when having a seatwork?

q  How many secrets does a secretary have?

q  Why keep calling them “BESTFRIENDS” when they’re not really the best?

q  If TIME is really GOLD, why can’t I find gold in the clock?

q  If endings are always sorrowful and painful, why is there such thing as “happy-ending”?

Truly Yours,



   You know what, it is only a mind over matter, so you’d better not mind it. Maybe those are meant not to be answered.

Liked it
  • kris on Aug 10, 2012

    I had fun reading this one.

  • anne on Aug 10, 2012

    hahah! cool!

  • kcanne on Aug 10, 2012

    Thank you!! @kris and anne..:) GOD BLESS!!

  • darla on Aug 10, 2012

    Another one, why can’t a killer smile not kill? heheh!

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