I always felt that the character of Miranda in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” had something missing. She is “to be admired” but she never seems to do all that much, or indeed think all that much.

You’re a name

A stereotype

A character

Created to entertain.


You’re a prop

To be used

To be ordered around

To be lifeless


A personality designed

To be desirable

To be unachievable


‘To be admired’


A flower

Sitting in a corner,

Looking pretty

No life of your own


A character

The perfect woman



Never to stand up and

Show them all

Who you really are


A Mona Lisa


But not knowing why


A lifeless life


A characterless character


A gaze with no depth


Their perfect woman:


A woman with no mind


A woman with no will of her own


A woman with no dreams

Liked it
  • Blade619 on Jan 3, 2011

    I\’m going to say when Ninja Kiwi always says to me… PUNCTUATION :P . Also use the specialised text pasters to avoid getting unwanted line breaks. Strangely I like the very femenist feel to it and the structure.

    See I do read your stuff! :P .

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