A poem about what lies behind every sad face and every lost soul…

Behind every sad face

Behind every tear

Behind every disgusted look

As she see’s herself in the mirror

Is someone

Who made her this way


Who pounded it into her head

That she’s not okay

And you think that

Continuing this series of events

Is best for her

Because one day

She’s going to collapse

One day this life

Won’t be enough

When she’s dealt one to many blows

You slowly begin to crush

Becoming one with the ground

She will be heaven bound

Would you like that

Would you like it at all

If every night you sat and waited for some call

But the phone never rings

If you were in her mind

You would see horrible things

An empty heart

That just needs love

A wounded soul

Who never had a chance

But no

You willnever see

Because all you wanted

Was a short glance

One look just like she does every single night

Alone in the mirror

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