According to the Everyone’s Top Search Phrases section of my dashboard, a total of 29,783 unique visitors came to Triond websites via the queries "macaulay culkin death" and "macaulay culkin dead" in the last 30 days. I wrote some new lyrics to the song “London Bridge” for these poor souls to whistle while they search our site for the latest gossip about Culkin.

London Prospect 1710 by Anonymous [Public Domain] via Wikipedia.   

Mister Culkin isn’t dead
Isn’t dead, isn’t dead.
Mister Culkin isn’t dead,
My web surfer.

Made it up to get some views
Get some views, get some views.
Made it up to get some views,
My web surfer.

Humbug pieces stay up here,
Stay up here, stay up here.
Humbug pieces stay up here,
My web surfer.

Use your head when next you search,
Next you search, next you search.
Use your head when next you search,
My web surfer.

Phony news won’t go away,
Go away, go away.
Phony news won’t go away,
My web surfer.

Photo by Matt Biddulph [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikipedia

Liked it
  • jennifer eiffel01 on Aug 13, 2012

    Very, very good!

  • Margaret Boseroy on Aug 13, 2012

    Lol! Cute!

  • Nxwtypx on Aug 13, 2012


  • SharifaMcFarlane on Aug 13, 2012


  • herjave01 on Aug 13, 2012

    No? Haha!

  • Martin Kloess on Aug 13, 2012

    Well written piece, thank you.

  • Jswana on Aug 13, 2012

    Cute and unique way to put these perpetrators in place. I just cannot stand fake headlines. I guess essential they are ‘what ifs’ but it is in such poor taste to pander that hard for viewers. Mercy. Wonderful little ditty on the subject (if that’s the description) :)

  • Jswana on Aug 13, 2012

    I meant essentially, not essential. I hate half-talk tool Ha, ha. :)

  • septana on Aug 14, 2012

    article very good and the writing that gives knowledge.

  • realityspeaks on Aug 14, 2012

    Excellent way to bury the rumors surrounding Mr Culkin.

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