Recollection of time passing through a ceaseless cycle, paying respect to the full moon and revelations revealed through the lunar eclipse.

Ticking clock,
does not stop
at a fool’s wish or whim.
These days spent waiting for something to happen,
a miracle to occur,

a feat of sorts, that which simmer from nothingness…

With a subtle glance at a mirror’s reflection.
Pools of consciousness seeping through,
illuminated by the cracks in the curtains.
sunlight creeping in,
revealing the nature in which we shall create
our own destinies.

Wander not far, from where you are.
for you’re always standing exactly where you should.
Illusions of distance,
lead to despair and slaughtered expectations
For there is no journey beyond the breath.

for even when the scenery changes,
The course of action rearranges
to repeat, another circle.
one more time around.
The same situations,
sure to be found.
Around any corner you take,
A ceaseless cycle yet to break.

Have you got the lesson yet?
Mightier than one may expect,
within the secrets not yet imagined.
The truth lies within.
Need not seek  external sources,

For the wisdom,
has and shall remain
In the depths of your soul.

Waiting for the right time to unfold.
Be the seeker,
Ask the right questions,
only then may  the solutions  become crystalline.

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