Time and again

you were told about a place

and a time that only existed in perfect rhyme

Pity to the fool

A time and again

that could bend air

and pick cotton without touching it

narry a mention about school

There were the occasional

“I was” and the “I had”

never the “We did” or the “We had”

Gosh, it stayed with you

Such a sweet soul

only wanting love and to be loved

Basically begging to be had

willing and ready for anything to do

The nights you bowed your head

crying and praying for your place in this world

only made you lonely

never knowing you weren’t alone

Time and again

Mother told of a place

and a time that existed

one that she called her own

And just like that

the first song parted the sea

which had its winners and losers

the catch was meant to be your lock

Just like that

the lock did not match the key


determined to be solid as a rock

You crave that maternal thing

the cycle will be broken

the agony of the bowed head ceases and

tells you and reminds you that she knows

And you stand at the mirror together

nothing protruding with only her tears flowing

and hugs you as this is how it should be

simply done this is how fondness shows 

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