When I wrote the first Mother Bitch I wrote two different versions. Both are very different lyrics and wern’t working for me as a complete song. So I decided to keep them seperate. This happens when you work on something and your brain decides to think of something else.

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Mother Bitch II

I try to talk some heart

its very difficult for me

to tell her how I feel

when she doesn’t want to see  

I loose my direction and can’t heal

and I don’t know where to start

I can see the hoar

even after I’m out the door

her words embed my mind forever  

I can’t stand the smell of a whore

I hope one day the Earth swallows her

mother bitch

mother  bitch

I know its sad to say

people should know

as the news unfold today

its nothing but a show

what you see is what you get

she’s made her bed

and now she can lie in it  

don’t be alone with what you fear

with her boyfriend who is a queer  

now that you know what she is

beware of the fucken bitch

and the whore that she is  

I can see the hoar

even after I’m out the door

her words embed my mind forever  

I can’t stand the smell of whore

I know one day

             the Earth will swallow her

mother bitch

mother bitch

Mother Bitch

Ryan Keith Johnson

© Copy Right 2010 All Rights Reserved.

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