Stop raping this world.

Is mankind so blind that it can’t see

this world was meant for you and me,

once so pure this earth that turns

now choking dying while forests burn.

A sea where once  finger could touch

dolphins whales and the fish so lush,

in depths so cold untouched by hand

now drained polluted a gift from man.

Nature cries as a mother would weep

she’s tired of trying her pain is deep,

yet no one hears her sad falling tears

been dying since man first appeared.

Streams and rivers across land so rife

pumping pure water to the heart of life,

clogged unclean the fish are now dead

filled with waste the plastics and lead.

No thought of the future still we feed

draining the earth of it’s oil for greed,

While Mother nature now cries in despair

the toxic fumes  replace once fresh air,

Will future generations nurture with love

this precious jewel from the sky above,

will they harvest food from a furtile land

and give Mother nature a helping hand.









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