A Shakespearean sonnet written for Mothers Day in iambic pentameter.

My mother cares for me in time of need,

My mother is the greatest in my sight.

She loves to say I’m a blooming seed,

She always tucks me into bed at night.

My mother always states her love for us,

She’s expecting us to be the best.

Hardly ever does she put up a fuss,

She works all day and never gets to rest.

She takes me everywhere I need to be,

My mother always gets us there on time.

Everything she does is good for me,

She tells us life’s a mountain we must climb.

No matter what happens I will love her,

She is the greatest and I love my mother.

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  • Brittany on Mar 2, 2009

    i wrote this a long time ago. !!! something like this.

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