Poem/story of forbidden love,and the part an old hut and mountain would play.

Was dark when they arrived at the old hut,

this time she sat at the back,

snuggled up close to his butt,

rode this way as he knew the track…..

He lit a candle in the darken room,

in silence she stood there brooding,

he soon got the open fire burning,

it helped to brighten the gloom…..

Now she was feeling uneasy,

told her she could have the bed,

he’d sleep out back in the shed,

she said no there’s no need…..

Gave her some left over lamb’s stew,

thats all he’s got at this time,

she asked for some of his brew,

and the lamb’s stew would be fine…..

By now it was getting late,

he gave thanks before they ate,

thought for an old man he’s a cutie,

nature has many sides to its beauty…..

Took her hand and led her outside,

come listen to the sounds of the night,

she stood close by his side,

she shivered a little in the moonlight…..

Listen to the leaves whispering,

maybe they’re nattering about us,

can you hear insects playing in the dust,

or a choir of other creatures singing…..

Thats the sound of the stags mating roar,

calling to his lovely hind,

his hooves on the rocks will shine,

for upon his hind he’ll soar…..

Did you hear the woo of the owl,

and two frogs having a domestic,

and thats the sound of a satisfied cow,

as her bull has just done his trick…..

Maria curled her lips and smiled,

heard her faintly say lucky cow,

it brought a smile to his dial,

they both laughed when he said wow…..

They gazed at the mountain in the sky,

in the breeze it’s white hair was flowing,

she said look it seems to be crying,

he said the mountain is remembering a time……

He put his arm around her shoulder,

she turned and sunk into his chest,

against his body she felt warmer,

groaned with approval to his gentle caress……

He spoke of this as his theatre of romance,

every night there is a performance,

the best seat in the house is under that tree,

and whatever is playing I watch it for free…..

She didnt care if it was love or lust,

whispered she would like to go inside,

had enough of the sounds of the night,

let the night listen to us………………to be continued…………….

Liked it
  • Cynthia Cox on Feb 14, 2010

    Very sweet filled turn.I can not wait to see where our modern day beauty and beast turn next.a very catchy story of poetry, forbidden romance, lost love, a saga that should be published. great chapter. I can not wait to read more

  • joyhyena29 on Feb 14, 2010

    great post^^

  • chellsy on Feb 14, 2010

    i like it forbidden love

  • albert1jemi on Feb 15, 2010

    great write

  • johnnydod on Feb 15, 2010

    Good piece I liked this

  • drelayaraja on Feb 15, 2010

    Wonderful share. :)

  • sambhafusia on Feb 15, 2010

    nice share..interesting..thnx for sharing………….

  • Judy Kaelin on Feb 15, 2010

    I love it – I’ll be waiting for the next post!

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