Poem/story about forbidden love,and the choice’s that have to be made…

Maria hadn’t been feeling well,

her own doctor couldn’t find anything wrong,

but Rangi could tell,

she was ailing for Kong…..

The many hours they spoke together,

just lately its been all kong,

almost like a country love song,

with a theme of right and wrong…..

She awoke during the night,

covered in beads of sweat,

though the nights temperature was high,

it was her erotic dream that made her wet…..

She gazed out her window,

peering at the still night,

there was a beautiful moonglow,

wondered if Kong was looking at the same moonlight…..

Heard the hall clock chime,

it was just on midnight,

there was only one thought on her mind,

she’d had enough of lonely nights…..

Wandered out to the kitchen,

sat at the table with a glass of wine,

just then Rangi came in,

she was having a hard time…..

Saw the lights on and couldn’t sleep,

she wasn’t due for another week or so,

thought maybe something was wrong,

came in to have a peep…..

Maria just said she was listless,

something is missing from my life,

my heart and mind is in a mess,

Maybe I shall become Michal’s wife…..

When Rangi spoke,

she sounded like her mother,

told Maria its either one or the other,

Kong is no ordinary bloke…..

I dont know much about Michal,

only what you’ve told me,

but with Kong you will fail,

and he will bring misery…..

Its obvious you have got close,

and for sure his affection you’ve gained,

you are both like a thorn and rose,

but one of you’s can inflict pain…..

Our hearts wants us to have fun,

we cannot guide our own feet,

to badness they are ready to run,

our bodies we need to pummel and beat…..

When your dad climbed that mountain,

it solved his problems of the day,

we can take it in a figurative way,

either way there will always be pain…..

Stay and drink your wine my friend,

and hope it’ll quench your fill,

its not as sweet as the waters over the hill,

but the choice is your’s in the end…………..to be continued…………….

Liked it
  • Cynthia Cox on Feb 23, 2010

    There friendship is growing and even with support she is no closing to deciding who her heart will choose. Great works of continuance. You keep adding more suspense and no resolution in sight yet, great hope for those of us out here who are following. I enjoy it so. Thank you for sharing a daily smile in your works.

  • albert1jemi on Feb 23, 2010

    excellent write

  • monica55 on Feb 24, 2010

    A cleverly contrived plot. Keep writing.

  • sambhafusia on Feb 25, 2010

    nice share…….

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