Poem/story about forbidden love,its happiness, its trials, its sadness….

They would spend a lot of time together,

though the family did object,

their words had no affect,

the children still loved their mother…..

Rode their horses over a wooden bridge,

across a flowing river,

walked them along a high ridge,

they just enjoyed being out together…..

Rode up a steep hill,

tethered their horses in the shade,

everything was quite and still,

could see the mountain in the haze…..

They laid in the long green grass,

watching the clouds roll past,

she pointed out one with a funny face,

he said it must be of the dutch race…..

She giggled and playfully poked his side,

said which ones are the Maori’s,

no Maori’s up there today,

they too shy and all gone to hide…..

If it’s low tide they all gone to the beach,

gone to get some kai moana’s,

gather some mussells pipi’s paua’s and kina’s,

She laughed at his funny speech…..

leaned up on her elbow,

tell me more about your people,

there’s so much I like to know,

what I know is only a ripple…..

There once was a great migration,

when our ancestor’s travelled as a nation,

looking for a new home,

they didn’t travel all alone…..

The god of the winds blew into their sails,

while the moon god shone at night,

and on the waters did cast his light,

their god of songs heard their chants and wails…..

Tangaroa of the sea,

opened his pantry for them to feed,

and with power they would row,

they even prayed to a god they didn’t know…..

Brought their women and children too,

many families made up the crew’s,

some would die on the way,

their names we carry with us today…..

They were warrior’s from the sea,

craftsmen of their trade,

they were a sight to behold and see,

they were wonderfully made…..

Seven canoes so beautiful and proud,

over the vast seas they would roam,

they sighted this long white cloud,

it was to become their new home…………….to be continued………….

Liked it
  • pearl2010 on Feb 28, 2010

    Good poem, for a story itself.

  • Marie Antoinette on Feb 28, 2010

    Very descriptive and with a bit of history too, excellent.

  • Cynthia Cox on Feb 28, 2010

    The evolution of this story still amazes me at the talent you possess. You have written stand alone chapters as a great read but the complete package of the mountain of love is wonderful talent. Great job.

  • Jenny Heart on Feb 28, 2010


  • Jenny Heart on Feb 28, 2010

    Great job!

  • johnnydod on Mar 1, 2010

    So interesting Stan roll on the next chapter

  • Darla Beck on Mar 1, 2010

    Great poem!

  • sambhafusia on Mar 1, 2010

    nice share

  • albert1jemi on Mar 2, 2010

    Great share

  • Butterfly Musings on Mar 2, 2010

    awesome, love the imagery

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