Poem/story of forbidden love.

Though Kong would have loved to stay,

and spend a few days on the mountain,

this was one place he loved to play,

he felt like a king looking over his domain…..

But Maria didn’t feel like staying,

asked Kong if they could descend,

wasn’t feeling in a good way,

apologised for being an old hen……

They descended down the mountain,

would spend the night at the alpine shelter,

there others were also detained,

seeking warmth from the inclimate weather…..

Where ever Kong went,

he would always attract attention,

it was just the nature of the beast,

was always in control of his emotions……

Only with Maria was he free,

with her he learnt what love meant,

with her he could be,

at peace and find true contentment…..

They complimented each other,

to outside appearances they differed,

their inner beauty knew no other,

of each other they preferred……

Her uneasiness caused him some alarm,

sat by her bunk as she rested,

she said so you met my father,

smiling she nestled her head onto his arm…….

He answered that was along time ago,

But we have never met again,

we only spoke a few words you know,

yet many times we’ve climbed this mountain……

Now I’m with his daughter,

his once little girl,

the mountain has brought us all together,

we live in a very small world……

When we get back to the cabin,

and if your still not feeling well,

it would be good to go see your physician,

and see what he could tell…..

She just whispered sit beside me,

I don’t know whats wrong,

I just want you with me,

she drifted of to sleep whispering Kong……………..to be continued…………………

Liked it
  • 8Shei8 on Mar 2, 2010

    Very nice, to find love when you least expect it!

  • Stan Wilson on Mar 2, 2010

    Have to agree with you 8Shei8,

  • Cynthia Cox on Mar 4, 2010

    And this mystery of their loving bond continues…I can’t wait:)

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