Poem/story of forbidden love between two different cultures and within a close bond….


As she emerged from the cabin,

heard the roar of another cars engine,

saw another vehicle coming along,

it was making such a din…….

Came over the bridge and towards her,

started walking towards her car,

didn’t get very far,

as the vehicle stopped in front of her……

All doors opened from the station wagon,

as six burly men stepped out,

and slowly advanced towards her,

there was no one else about……

They all looked mean with tattooed faces,

stopped within a few paces,

Mariaan could see what they wanted,

around them to her car she quickly bolted……

The men were just as quick,

and soon caught her by her car,

at her clothes they tore and ripped,

they out numbered her by far……

She soon realized these were a gang,

and their minds were only one track,

had only heard of gang bangs,

saw their gang patches on their backs……

They easily picked her up,

and started walking towards the old hut,

she was screaming and kicking about,

one of the men smacked her naked butt……

Suddenly they heard a shot ring out,

this made them stop and turn about,

once again he was there on his horse,

the gang leader started to cuss and curse……

The gang leader growled at the handsome stranger,

Why don’t you go back to Oz Bro,

what you trying to be some Texas ranger,

he told them to let the girl go……

Bro there is six of us and only one of you,

he reloaded the double barrel bore,

I think I’ve just even up the score,

come on cuz you know what to do…….

They looked at each other and around,

then they dropped Mariaan to the ground,

maybe you just want her for you,

he said nah she looks dumb with no clues……

Then he added as they walked away,

and she’s too skinny and white,

the leader grinned and gave him a wave,

yeah bro I think your right……

Bro would you have used that thing on us,

he opened the bridge of the gun took out two cartridges,

and threw the spent cartridges at their feet in the dust,

the gang leader laughed nice one bro choice……

They drove off on their noisy wheels,

while Mariaan tried to cover up,

she was very shaken by her ordeal,

the gang had been very rough……

She thanked him for his help,

he removed his jacket and threw it at her,

once again their green eyes met,

seemed to look at each other with regret……

She covered her bare breasts quickly,

then he spoke every time I see you,

you seem to be naked or half nude,

She shyly grinned as he turned and slowly rode away…………to be continued………..

Liked it
  • mikky webs on Apr 7, 2010

    Great share again from Stan.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Christine Ramsay on Apr 7, 2010

    A very vivid piece, Stan. That was a close shave.


  • XXElleXX on Apr 7, 2010


  • monica55 on Apr 7, 2010

    That was a close call for the poor girl, so thanks to her knight in shining armor. Great work Stan.

  • JoaniR on Apr 9, 2010

    Their green eyes met!!!!! Wow!!

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