Song for every lover too busy for his love…

Chorus: Coz he’s Mr. Busy
         He doesn’t have any time for me
         I can see my future clearly
         What’s gonna be my destiny

Verse one: It was a Saturday night
            Day had passed all cheery and bright
I expected him to call
He’s my summer and fall
But but…my expectations didn’t met(Chorus)

Verse two: Now in the morning he says
             He does so much but never appreciated
Feeling good or feeling bad
I’m so sick I can’t be even mad…(Chorus)

Bridge: I’m feeling so low
In my heart a deep hollow
Behind Smile hidden Sorrow
I won’t stop I won’t grow
If he cares he must show
Its either yes or either no
How can he be so shallow
He’s not my enemy not my foe
He’s the one I so much love…
I hate to admit I wait for him


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