This poem is very dark. It came to me so I wrote it. Enjoy!

He sat alone in the dark,

just staring at the wall,

He sat and wondered,

how to deal with them all.

The punks and the bullies,

always keeping him down,

and all the two faced liars,

no matter where he went,

they were always around.

Then there was his father,

who beat him for joy,

he would have to die slowly,

for what he did to the boy.

His ex-wife and her lover,

right in the bed where they laid,

Slice the their throats,

and watch while they fade.

But alas,

he turns on the light,

puts on his uniform,

and gets ready to play,

the sweet innocent guy,

that he does every day.

Liked it
  • qncai on Aug 3, 2012

    Like for share

  • Jswana on Aug 7, 2012

    Yes, dark and creative. Thanks!

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