This is the speech I delivered during my 25th year in my company. Its been three years ago since I was now in my 28 years.

It was twenty five years ago when I make my first step to Mercury Drug…I was only 19 at that time…so young to be given a job and trusted by a progressive company like ours. I never imagined that after 25 years I am standing here in front of you accepting my statuette, an effigy that will remind me of the years that I’d spend with this company.

What I am today is the result of the 25 years I’ve been with Mercury Drug. Mercury Drug instilled in me the character of having self-confidence, self-discipline, commitment, dedication, loyalty, sacrifices, to have “Malasakit” and to help other people.

Life in Mercury is so challenging, full of so many experiences that at the end of the day you’re going to sigh “Have I done that? Wow!” Well…I did it! How many typhoons passed by on my 25 years of service? I can’t count anymore. Leaving our family with a heavy heart just to be there in our branch notwithstanding that our family may be in danger! Well…we all do that. I never also imagined that I can reach the peak of Mt. Makiling there in Los Baños, Laguna together with other mercurians. And during March 1, our Anniversary, as a volunteer to our Operation Bigay Lunas , I have this kind of mix emotion, sadness by seeing those indigent people lining up to get free consultation and medicines. Happiness because I know I am a Mercurian in the sense that I have my monthly salary and all the benefits that Mercury Drug is giving us. I am also now a member of lecturer for those who will be promoted, thanks to the committee who pick me because it gives me so much pleasure to share what I know in the branch operations, to share my knowledge and experiences.

What more experiences I will not forget? It was during 1984 to 1987 when I became the Chairman to the Mercury Family Council whose purpose is to have a vital link in maintaining harmonious Management-Employee relationship. And on 1991 I became an Asst. Branch Manager, and finally after a long wait I was finally given the signal to handle my own branch. As a leader I felt the mammoth weight of responsibility and I thanked Mercury Drug for the belief and I promise you that I would execute my managerial undertaking to the paramount of mutual interest.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family, my daughter Jech, a registered Pharmacist, my son Ojey who will finish his study next year with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Gray, a freshman taking up Computer Science, their departed mother, Millet a Branch Pharmacist when she died 9 years ago. I also would like to thank my wife, Marie, who is also a Mercurian, she’s always there for me through ups and down, and to my new sets of babies, Vetvet and Botbot.

I would also like to thank all my Managers and District Managers who have handled me. Thank you for the unwavering support. All of them are exceptional leaders in their own technique. Special mention also goes to our AVP-South Metro Manila Region, Vice-President, Metro Manila Region, President of Mercury Drug Corporation, and our dearly beloved founder.
As what have been said in my favorite character Spider-Man, “with great power comes great responsibility”. As what our slogan say “Sa Mercury Drug Nakasisiguro Gamot ay Laging Bago, for me as an employee I will say “Sa Mercury Drug, Kinabukasan ng Pamilya Mo, Tiyak Siguradong Sigurado! Thank you Lord. Thank you Mercury Drug! Congratulations to all of us and good afternoon.
December 2006

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