Some memories are made to be cherished in the future.

fun, friendship, freedom,
full of life…
my best days,
no more survive.

reading books,
most boring ever..
bunking classes,
and ready to gather..

singing chorus,
together at a time…
full of energy,
full of rhyme..

passing comments,
and get back scoldings..
gossip in classes,
and leave the readings..

love life,
full of swing..
break ups, patch ups,
and phone tring trings..

hanging out,
the best thing ever..
eating in stalls,
and pay money never..

dancing, laughing, smiles,
no pains..
my college days, best days ever,
lovely memories I ever gained.

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  • Teves on Nov 27, 2009

    Great post…

  • drelayaraja on Nov 27, 2009

    College days are really the happiest one.

  • AlmaG on Nov 27, 2009

    I love my college days too… great poem :)

  • wonder on Nov 27, 2009

    A naughty one!

  • svishnugopal on Nov 27, 2009

    college memories are full fun… lot of naughtiness too..thanks for your post

  • Rinkal Desai on Nov 27, 2009

    excellant share….thanks for it

  • Sukhdarshan on Nov 27, 2009

    you reminded me of college days….full of fun…so true;…thank you for bringing back the old memories…

  • simplyoj on Nov 27, 2009

    college days are lots of memories to cherished

  • cutedrishti8 on Nov 27, 2009

    College days can’t be vanished from the heart..

  • Themax on Nov 27, 2009

    I\\\’ll die if my college is over now ha ha,Thanks

  • abhishek40914 on Nov 27, 2009

    School and college days are best in your life.

  • Sourav on Nov 27, 2009

    Nice Poem!

  • deep blue on Nov 28, 2009

    Lovely style of writing. Well defined.

  • RAJEEV BHARGAVA on Jan 11, 2010

    a really well scripted poem depicting practically the entire package of college days. i really enjoyed reading it.

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