Slightly modified for the requirements of trionds. but the main message is unadulterated.

“my date!”

What is not forbidden is allowed
Yet my garden gets turned inside out
Like the media tic halter-svelter
Of Strauss-khan’s hotel room paraphernalia
All because I’m dating her!

I don’t know, I just don’t get it
Why does everyone else suddenly sound so stupid?
Catch some Z’s people!
Or trip off the fantastic light toe!
But allow me date her!

“Jeez! when will you finally understand”
how she got you in the palm of her hand?”
words that strike like the shrill of a knife
or bore like the wise warning of a good wife
ts! Well, my date’s not a topic!

Granted! Her body is covered with tattoo,
Her family is adept of voodoo,
She smokes tree like a chimney
And conquers every bottle of whiskey
You omit a detail: she’s so torrid!

For vice and virtue must both be shown
That he that sin has never known
Be the judge with the first stone
Otherwise, let the concealed be kept hidden
For only what is not allowed is forbidden.

A.G. Ta-gem

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