A poem to the one I love, my dearest.

My dear,

Like the waters, you are exalted,

Like the fires, you ignite,

Like the pleasant wind, you delight,

Like the soul, I need you,

Like life itself, you are cherished and always,

Every time you smile, my heart melts,

Every time you cry, my soul grieves,

Every time you Pray, God listens,

Every time you sing, the Heavens rejoice,

Every time I look into your eyes, my soul lingers,

Every breathe you take, I live a little longer,

Every step you take, I wish to take with you,

And every moment we share, should last forever,

Every burden you bear, we will bear together,

Every moment you’re away, should not be remembered,

And every second I wait, seems like ages,

The moment we meet, time seems timeless,

What are you? If not my Angel

Where are you?  In my heart,

The divine bond between water and life, we have!

I love you.                                                                                        

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