Something I was challenged to do.


Hey is this Mr so and so

Who is this

Uh… This is your son


You never wanted me did you?


I know I was the problem 

That came between you and my mama

She said she really loved you

Did you ever love her I wonder

But I guess you didn’t cause I’m here without a father

You left got a new son

Left the old chick got a new one

Got a new life (but) wen it came to me

Your first instinct was to run

My hard aches that I lived through

My mistakes that I learned from

Where were you when I was lying in that hospital bed

With my legs full of lead

Easily mistaken for the dead

Gloomy faces and atmospheres full of dread

Lonely nights all alone

Unbearable pain I endured through every scream every moan

You could have cam you could have phoned

But you didn’t and now I’m speaking with every strength in my bones

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