How I feel at this moment and place in my life.

i feel in love with a sweet man once so caring and kind then one day he snapped he went from soft touching to hair pulling from tender kisses to bloody bruising my head covered in welts and bumps so bad its to painful to even brush my hair once so loving now so hateful i ran to hide only to be tricked into coming back told that i was promised that my running away showed him how wrong he was so i run right back into my abusers arms to find things almost better but i then become a prisoner in my own home by my husbands hands no i cant go any place without him by my side i cant visit my own family or chose how i want t spend my own day he gets me a job only to make me his work mule as soon as i get home he takes all the money i earned at work hes a life stealer now hes chasing me down the highway in his truck i cant run and faster off into the woods is my only hope

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