Poem. The first one I ever wrote.

The greatest symphonic catastrophe ever written;
The hienous baised blashempy of half-truths;
Why, oh why did it have to end this way?

Blending the lights and sounds;
Merging the thin lines at the intersection;
Why, oh why did it have to end this way?

Sufficiently, succulent, the life you led;
Shockingly, audacious, the lives you deceived;
You ask why did it have to end this way?

You are death to the community;
The breeze stills itself in your presence;
The shadows creep up to mock you;
Never flinching, never wavering, never.

Isolated you remained;
contemplating, deciding, frustrated;
the judgement released, deathstruck, destroyed.

Think, good grief, think!
Take heed, take strides, take time;
Write, learn, read;
Inspire, encourage, listen;
Wear the pants, store the hope;
Be glad, rejoice,
How, oh how could this end your way?

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