October 31st….
A day for going to random person’s houses
And asking for candy

I hang out with friends
And we enjoy our time together
And make jokes
Throwing eggs at random people
Even at the passing cars

There’s a such thing as just joking around
But when the joke goes too far….
You’ll know it….

A strange man….
Wearing a pumpkin-like mask
Stands in the shadows
Watching our every move

This strange man follows us to every house we go to
Very suspiciously
And very persistent, at that

Freaked out, my friends and I walk within a crowd of people we encounter
So that whoever was following us, wouldn’t see us
And not get any ideas about doing anything rash

One hour passes….
And it seems as if that creeper, wearing that pumpkin-like mask
Stopped following us

As my friends and I turn the corner….
I feel myself collapsing to the ground
And blacking out, becoming unconscious
From being hit with some blunt object

I lay there
In silence….
No movement….
Just motionless….

I awake, several hours later
And awake to see that I’m in bed

Maybe, it was just a dream
That I don’t know how it ended
Because of waking up
Out of my sleep

A nurse comes in the room
And checks up on me
And tells me what happened that night
On October 31st
Halloween night

Sadly, none of my friends made it
They must’ve risked their life
Just to protect me
From possibly being murdered
By that strange man, wearing that pumpkin-like mask

Come to think of it
I start having a flashback to when my friends and I were throwing eggs
At random person’s houses
And the passing cars

If only, I could’ve remembered the “jokes going too far” at the time
This Hellish nightmare could’ve been avoided
And my friends would’ve still been alive, to see a new day
And not be buried six feet under

Because of a joke that’s gone terribly wrong….

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