This is a very rough draft of a poem I am writing. Please comment with your opinions, suggestions, comments. Thank you!

My heart aches

Loneliness consumes me

The world hates

Nobody loves thee

With a conditional love, yes

But really

Is that love

Or just the enemy

I know what I need

Satisfaction and Fulfillment

Not from man

But from the heavenly

Oh this war that rages

in my soul

I know oh so well

Where I must go

Yet my flesh overtakes me

Lies show me other ways

But He is strong

He has overcome

So why does my strength fail me

The one cure so close but so far

All I’ve to do is go to Him

He loves me unconditionally

Father, please

Your strength I need

In desperation

I get on my knees

Heal me

Fill me

Satisfy me

Rescue me

I need you

I want you

Come near to me

As I draw near to you

Liked it
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