How I felt about my life at a point in time.

My life is a mess,

everybody’s about it like a dress.

After much thinking, I have reached certain resolutions,

That will act as solutions to help me get the perfect conclusion.

I will not let every Tom, Dick & Harry assist me to resolve

Or at least make my problems dissolve.

Oh No! Instead I will strive to derive

everything positive with a motive

as my votive that will make me thrive.

I know I get peoples’ tongues hyper,

I make them split like wild vipers.

They itch when my candle burns brighter,

smile when my heart gets darker,

 but they still don’t get through to me

Too weak to ever be like me

For them it’s a bit too late,

To try and determine my fate,

That’s because I set the trend,

And make all good things blend.

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