Placing an elderly relative in a Nursing Home, is a very hard decision to make. There comes a time when living alone at home, can become extremely dangerous.

Mom is happy and it shows,

Proudly groomed in matching clothes.

Now, she often kids and laughs

The reflection of a loving staff.

Not sad and lonely, as before

When getting dressed became a chore.

Neatly fashioned shiny hair,

A display of tender loving care.

Mom mentions activities, time for fun

Shows us things that she has won.

Not all filled with worry, as before

We no longer find her on the floor.

Cheerfulness whenever she speaks,

Attends church service every week.

Contentment written on her face,

We often share a warm embrace.

She loves visits, that people share,

When friends and family show we care.

Social activities for every single day,

In this Nursing Home Mom wants to stay.

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  • momofplenty on Jul 26, 2012

    The poem is fantastic an dhow wonderful that your Mom is in a good place..

  • jennifer eiffel01 on Aug 20, 2012

    This is a great poem and its great your mom found such a nice place. My grandma was in one for a year and it was not so hot.

  • Robin L on Nov 23, 2012

    How wonderful:)

  • KittyK on Dec 15, 2012

    I did not have to make a decision with my parents as we were all so fortunate to know they had good health until their last days…

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