My last neighbour was quiet. My new neighbour was certainly not. I’m sure they are Vampires! The Foureyed Poet.

My last neighbour made no noise at all

never knew they were there.

But they passed away completely quiet

nothing to disturb me.

It did not last a new neighbour arrived

my tranquillity deprived!

At first not much sound came from next door

hoping it would quieten down.

Then louder noises emanated in the wall

hammering sounds too.

Worried I knocked their door to complain

from anger I tried to refrain!

Never a reply but a lot of vehicles came after dark

many arrived and went.

Few if any ever during this daylight hours

when black curtains were shut!

A nasty smell started to make me feel ill

something burnt on the grill!

I hadn’t believed in vampires until the neighbours

moved in next door!

From then on my windows stayed tightly shut

who would believe me?

No animals came near which was a good thing

but what would the future bring?

The noises got worse even afraid to sleep

an atmosphere so grim!

In the end I had to leave while I could

as people began to disappear!

I knew what my neighbour was next to me

but would they let me be?

For a long time after I saw bats above my head

was it my neighbour one of the undead?

The Foureyed Poet.

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