Everything I know about publishing and marketing my work.

This won’t be the first article I’ve published on how to make money publishing on Triond, but it will be the completed version.  As I have learned the marketing techniques, I have tried to share them, as I think we all should.  As I learn more, I share more.  So here, fellow writers, is the final chapter.

      First, I am not the most successful publisher on triond by any means.  I could get closer than I am now, but I’m simply not willing to commit the necessary amount of time required to reach that plateau.  Without that, however, I average between 2,500 and 5,000 hits per day, and will break $200.00 this month.  And I am neither an exceptional writer or promoter.  I have simply spent the last several months listening, talking, and experimenting.  Virtually none of what you find here will be ideas I originated… but rather things I have picked up from fellow Trionders.  So here, my fellow writers, is the bulk of my knowledge on the subject of marketing your Triond works.  May it serve you well.

The Writing

     This is where it all starts and ends.  There are a few hacks who will publish garbage and try to market it, but in the long run, garbage doesn’t sell.  And the pennies at Triond aren’t near enough that publishing mass amounts of garbage (which, I assure you, people try as well)  will prove worthwhile.  You don’t need to be Hemmingway, but you do need to at least have a bit of writing capability.  Try to stay within your areas of comfort.  If you are a sports fan, write about sports.  If you fancy yourself a poet, write poems. (although you will find that poetry is even less lucrative than general publishing.)

     Informative articles tend to do well, if they are well written, and, in fact, informative. Don’t write an article about the top 10 soaps you prefer, because no one cares.  When you find a subject, research it.  Make sure before you even begin writing that you are familiar with the information you wish to share.

     You need to publish a quality product, so take the 5 minutes to use spell check and check your punctuation.  Use photos and such to accentuate your presentation… you want your article to be as professional as possible.

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    A practical approach to successful article writing Mnofdichotomy. Accomplished writers like yourself know their niche readers before they even write the first word. However, I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to spam 50 sites affiliated with Triond..but it obviously works for you.

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    An informative and helpful piece. Easy to understand.

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    A very informative and helpful article. Thanks for sharing.

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    Absolutely awesome article. Very informative and very inspiring. You gave me a lot of ideas, I know where I’m going to advertise some of my articles now, I never even thought of hitting forums…I don’t know why :s Thanks

  • Omniscient on Jul 19, 2009

    well i learned something here today

  • David Crerand on Jul 19, 2009

    a lot of good information, I appreciate the heads up. Have already created “widgets” as Triond advised on several of the social networks but your advice goes far beyond that. Thanks.

  • California Dreamer on Jul 20, 2009

    Good informative information, I have started today creating more of the site to share on from the link on right side of our content posts, thanks for sharing this information with us…

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    Thanks for the guidance invaluable stuff.

  • N. Lloyd Andrews on Jul 20, 2009

    Great tips.

    I’m thrilled to have made $.03 so far on my few articles! But I’m here for, as you said, the love of writing. As I gain confidence and find a voice, I’m sure I’ll be able to take advantage of some of your promotion tips.

  • WriteEditSeek on Jul 22, 2009

    Thank you very much for sharing what you know about promotion. I haven’t delved much into the world of forums, but I will give that a try. Topix sounds interesting.

  • Nicole Toro on Jul 22, 2009

    Well written, good job on being informative without condescending.
    I especially enjoyed your bit on controversy “breeding views”
    …for obvious reasons (:

  • Morgana on Jul 28, 2009

    One of the best articles I’ve seen regarding promotion and what to expect in Triond. It’s clear, detailed and reader friendly.

  • ActionSammy on Aug 6, 2009

    Based on my personal experience to date, it seems that articles on relationships and sex generate the most views. But that\\\’s just going by views I get on my topics.

  • Aledys Ver on Aug 14, 2009

    Thanks again, for sharing these “secrets” – I’m new on Triond, and some of the tips and ideas I had already figured out by myself – but I hadn’t thought of linking my articles in other forums, for example.
    It was a great help reading this!

  • Misty Wood on Aug 24, 2009

    Great article – thank you for sharing your experience and thank you for the friend add :)

    Misty x

  • livofc1 on Aug 28, 2009

    Very well written article..some very useful tips there can’t wait to get stuck into them. Its very clear and easy to understand.

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    intresting and informative.
    now i know tat there’s no magic behind getting views.
    thanks mnof!

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    Very nice article I am just starting out so this guide
    was very helpful!

  • Reverting on Sep 13, 2009

    Very informative. I find that posting links to my articles in Yahoo! Answers is handy if you write in the how-to line, as well. Just make sure it really answers a question. (I know I’m new here, but I have used another site similar to Triond and I am in the process of moving over now.)

  • kimoshea on Sep 14, 2009

    Great article. This was just what I needed to take me to the next level. I never thought of cross promoting my articles. Such a simple step! Thanks for the advice and help.

  • Lauren Axelrod on Sep 14, 2009

    I tend to use all of the social networking sites as well and I am able to generate close to 1000+ hits on every piece I write. It does work people, trust me.

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    This is a really informative article, and very helpful to me personally. Thanks for the info and all your suggestions – I will be putting some of these into practice very soon!

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