Those unrecognized heroes that I will always appreciate.

Extraordinary people with ordinary jobs
The countless hours of preparations
The unrealistic amount of care within them
All for an everyday job
Always know what to say and when
But even if they don’t, they will search beyond the horizon
All for an underpaid job
One may be a teddy bear, one may be a rock
But will never give up on you, even when you stop
All for an unappreciated job
To me they are superheroes, to other they are super zeroes
No matter what they will always stay strong
All for an undesired job
No one believes in you more than they do
Even if you are that stubborn screw
All for an impossible job
They may not have cool capes
Or super human powers, but they do it,
All for a rewarding job
For a kids bright shining smile
For the pure pounding passion
For everything and anything
No one else but a teacher can say this
Because they are the real superheroes
From history to science, English to math
They will always be there
Because they are the extraordinary people with ordinary jobs

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