This is a poem I wrote about having a true love of your life.

Candles and the moonlight.

you and your warmth,

holding me tight.

I look at you kindly,

with the eyes that you love.

While yur hand touches mine nicely 

without a push or shove.

Theres something about you

that makes me go crazy. 

It might be your love

 that truely does save me.

I cant breathe perfect

when your next to me,

because your love and life

is too fragile to be.

your friends and my friends

get along great.

For once in our lives 

life is lined up so straight.

All my life,

I was looking for you,

I hope you will say

the same to me too.

Your dreams and my dreams 

came true for us,

now we can make memories,

that never collect dust.

You said you care about me

 forever and ever.

We both now know

that our love can be remembered.

My heart is telling me,

that your the one.

Now my life is in your heart

and is safely done.

I truely do love you

until lights turn off.

The promise you put on my finger ,

tells me you love me

and will never stop.

Liked it
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